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N L Shraman is on the "Top List of World's Mnemonist"

Brain & Memory Trainer, Mnemonist, Writer & Poet
Prof. N L Shraman

Workshop held in Kanpur on Oct 28, 2012 at Merchant Chamber Auditorium

Next Workshop : The Dream Mall, Bhandup West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

International Alumni Meet-2012 of Alumni Association, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur on November 25, 2012. 
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The Greatest Memory Training Technique Book
Writer- Prof N L Shraman, Brain Trainer

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World's First Writer of Hindi Mnemonics (हिन्दी निमोनिक्स)

Google's Top Pick and Viewed Knol Award

Memory Training Workshop Schedule

All workshops are conducted free, only offerings accepted by Guru Ji.

For Registration please contact at

Please note only preregistered candidates shall be allowed. Time and venue will be advised well in advance.

Search Memory Guru in Hindi

The Memory Guru of India-About (Trainer, Motivator, Inventor and Consultants) Memory Guru is the world's foremost memory-training specialist and the author of "Google Knol", a World’s most read Knowledge Bank., He has made hundreds of personal appearances, teaching seminars at major corporations, schools, and other organizations. His instructional "Hindi Mnemonics" copied in thousands on the Internet. He lives in India .Mr. N L. Shraman (Tuesday, April 15, 1952) was born in India . Mr. Shraman is popularly known as “The Memory Guru of India” and his teaching techniques as “Memory Guru” . He is world’s top writer on mental memory, speed math, examination guide on “Google encyclopedia- Google Knol”. He has written large number of lessons freely accessible for entire world. The disciples from all over world are learning from him .He has been awarded best writers award and best viewed award by Google. He is associate writer of Hindi and English knol Author Foundation. He can be accessed from anywhere in any search engine by entering word “memory guru of India” or sending SMS “memoryguru” to 56070. There are more than 2,00,000 references of memory guru on IT world. He has also written “Hindi Mnemonics” to memorize any subject . He is capable to change any lesson in a manner, so that it may be memorized immediately. Mr. Shraman has conducted large number of Workshops, seminars, charity shows in colleges, universities, schools, clubs, and societies. Mr. Shraman has devised various new techniques especially for Indian students. These helps in improving memory up to 500 percent and more. The students applying techniques always get 80 to 100 percent marks and saves 80 percent time on study. Would you like to know more about memory guru please visit or SMS “memoryguru about “ to 56070 . Mail for free seminars: In your city or country.

Workshop Content

1) Be able to memorize chapters of books word TO word...

2) Learn to give Presentations, speeches without notes

this improves confidence and speaking ability

3) Retain abstract data such as math, physics, and chemistry Formulas.

4) Remember spellings of difficult terminologies.

5) Remember meanings of Long Terminologies in seconds. (Ex: you can remember entire meanings of OXFORD Dictionary too)

6) Improve grades and study skills

7) Remember names and faces

8) Routinely memorize 100 digit numbers after hearing only once!

9) Instantly recall , facts, details, information, maps or locations

10) Remember more than 2000 years calendar by exact day.

It’s No matter how bad a memory you think they have, we can Develop as a Super Power Memory.

11) Get better grades in school studying HALF the time!

12) Develop a keen focus and concentration on reading materials

13) Recall all kinds of facts in just seconds

14) Learn foreign languages in a flash.

15) Recall names and faces even years later and astound friends, family, with new abilities and knowledge!

16) Dramatically improve comprehension skills to not only keep up with all of reading, but actually "remember" what you read!

17) Learn how to use your memory to memorize 50 or more random items in just minutes

18) Retain what you learn from Lectures. Everyone will spend thousands of Rs. On seminars/ books... But how much will they recall? This Workshop is the insurance policy for those products that they recall the information

You must attend this memory workshop, if you are suffering from any one of the above memory challenges.

I forget keys, TV remote, spectacles, Switching off the Gas stove, House locking, shutting Car doors, Money purse, Mobile, Books etc.

I go from one room to another

forget as to why I went.

I forget the routes/places/houses.

I remember when I read but after a week I forget the entire chapter.

I am not getting interest in studies.

I get temporary stammering problems, when talking to seniors, teachers or facing interviews.

I am not able to crack competitive exams like EMCET, TOEFEL, GRE, CAT, Group-1 or Group-II services and Civil services.

I am not able to get the first rank in the school or the college.

I used to study well in my childhood but now all of sudden I am not able to focus on studies.

I am not able to remember periodic tables, multiplication tables, English word Meanings, spellings, theorems, equations, formulae, lengthy texts etc.

I keep getting different thoughts while doing something or listening to a lecture.

I have phobia of being alone, the crowd, heights, darkness,

fire, water, cockroaches, girls, boys, and others.

I am not able to read faster and hence take long time to complete reading a book.

I lack self belief and suffer from inferiority complex.

I don’t know as to how my brain works or stores of remember information.

I am not creative and don’t know as to how to use both sides of the brain.

I often go blank in the middle of my examination.

I like some subjects but don’t like few subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry of English etc., and end up in getting too low marks.

My performance in academics is not matching my talent/potential.

I am not able to study for ling hours, I fell very exhausted, suffer from low concentration.

I am not clear about my life goals.

I don’t like or don’t know benefits of yoga / Meditation or Scientific Relaxation or Music.

I can’t do crossword puzzles, Sudoku or brain teasers.

I often get stuck in the middle of a speech while giving a presentation.

I am not able to sleep properly.

I can’t recall the main headlines of yesterday’s newspaper.

I take long time to by-heart information.

I am losing my memory as I am growing old.

I feel sudden headache, stomach pain, and fever just few days before examination.

I am not able to impress my teachers and always struggle in studies.

I suffer from examination fear.

I feel sleepy soon after I open the book.

I want to over come from all these problems and make a new beginning by joining this unique memory workshop.


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Please get in touch to offer comments and join our team ,You can e-mail us at::   SMS "memoryguru " to +91 9984420572  Our presence * Any Street * Anytown * INDIA, NEPAL, BHUTAN, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH

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