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Memory Guru  Programmes in Schools !

Is it really possible?


An interview with  Prof N. L. Shraman, The Memory Guru of India With Oamaza (USA )


How is Memory Guru Programme different from rote learning?

Memorizing and writing without understanding is a last ditch effort for those who cannot understand but some how they have to get marks.


Why should you memorize if you understand?

Understanding, writing the exam and forgetting - is what we normally do. Understanding,  applying and remembering  the knowledge forever can only make the learning complete. If the matter is not of great importance and can be forgotten without consequence then such matter need not find a place in textbooks for children.


Remembering  every thing in the textbooks -  will it not cause unnecessary load on the mind?

We have two kinds of memory – Conscious and Sub Conscious. Conscious memory is like the RAM in the computer. It is used for short term and can get overloaded. Subconscious memory is infinite like the hard disk. We can remember whole encyclopedias without effort -  If we can programme the information in Subconscious. It takes time to programme the Subconscious and that is only the limitation.


How fast can we programme the subconscious mind with a year’s textbooks?

First of all the student has to understand the new knowledge and get proper connection with his old knowledge. Then he has to make detailed mind maps. Then he has to review these mind maps several hundred times. Normally it takes about 90 days of preparation time for 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th children.


Rest of the year they review and work on applications and on exams. This exercises takes about 2 to 3 hours per day. Rest of the time is for other learning’s like physical development, seva activities to the community, inter school sports, drama, debate, quiz, dance, music, foreign languages, shilpa sastra, working with teracota, stone, metal etc. people can come and see this

 Memory Guru program in workshops. You can also visit:



Can other Schools take-up   Memory Guru Education?

Our intention is to provide this knowledge to all schools. Many schools are coming forward to introduce this programme. We have planned  Summer camps for children starting from April 15th for 60 Days for children going to 9th, 10th, and 12th, Std. This will provide a good base even if they are not studying Memory Guru


When were you successful in implementing this programme?

We have been experimenting from 1960. We have been successful to train even  average students in  school .


What would be the difference between those who has studied by Memory Guru method and other students in their future life?.

Normal students would have forgotten almost everything within three years and they will look more and more uneducated as days pass by. Students with Memory Guru will become brighter and brighter and will be in the  fore front of research and knowledge.


What you have done is an unbelievable revolution in education. How could you accomplish this?

I got the clues from our Vedic Pundits who remember huge texts of Vedas forever. Similarly the Holy Quran, Ram Charit Manasa, Hanuman Chalisa, Shlokas, Ramayana, Purana, Shrutis have  been memorized by millions of people.

We have applied similar methods to all the subjects  including  Sciences and Mathematics also. The process is the well known Shravana, Manana  and  Nidhidhyasa.


Does it interfere with the thinking  power  of  the  child ?

It actually increases the thinking power and makes the child smart as many   Facts,Process and Methods are at his fingertips. You can remember not only facts but also procedures for solving problems.


Why this method has not been applied in education before?

Because many times rote memory has been equated to panditya (wisdom). Many times people have memorized without understanding and do not know its application. As a result educationist found it necessary to emphasis understanding. Now they have gone over board and totally dismantled memory. Now we are just understanding and forgetting. Now, after a few years no graduate is in a position to answer their question papers (even with reasonable extra time) for which they were awarded a degree. Our effort is to bring back genuine degrees.



Press Note on

Memory Guru Programme for Schools

Forgetting almost everything that we have studied with so much effort for years is rather regrettable. 

Prof N. L. Shraman did extensive research on the subject of remembering what we have learnt for a lifetime. He set up The Memory Guru of India  . It took him seven years to demonstrate that it can be done even with Science and Math’s. He is now able to digitize Education. Further he found that not only Memory Guru can be achieved but also almost all students can also achieve 100% marks. 


The same methodology can also be applied to other schools with the help of specialists trained by him. Many schools are looking forward to implement the same in the coming years.  

A brief on the methodology and procedures for implementation is enclosed for more details on the programme. 

The Memory Guru Programmes  are available for educators to see the programme in action on Parents can also visit the site.  

Guruji has been led by the ancient methodologies, which he has clearly understood and applied. He has been able to tap the subconscious long-term memory capacity of our mind. This break through is as important as the shift from valves to transistors in electronics. Digitization of Education is now possible.  





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